The Ornamental Calendar.
  Primrose Rose.
  Primrose Rose
Starting off with the first month of the year we have the ever-popular Pansies and Viola, with Polyanthus, Primrose and Primula Wanda just starting to bud up.

Moving on to February the more traditional lines such as Myosotis, Bellis, Aurbrieta, Arabis, Cineraria and Wallflowers in flower strat to appear.
Pot Primrose are always a big seller in this month.

In March, new lines such as Ranunculas and Dianthus are looking good for colour sales.

This month sees the introduction of some of the main season bedding lines such as Lobelia, Antirrhinums, Calendula, Gazania, Geraniums, Fuchsia and Basket Plants such as Bacopa, Bidens, Brachycome, Convolvulus, Diasca, Euryops, Helichrysum, Surfinia and Million Bells.

The main bedding month brings the more tender plants such as Ageratum, Begonia, Coleus, Dahlia, Impatiens, Marigolds, Mimulas, Petunia, Salvia and Verbena.

In June we move on to 1lt pot production with line such as Celosia, Cosmos, Marigold Tripliod, Argyranthemum, Bracteantha, Ipomoea, Millet, Nasturtium, and Strobilanthus.

Is a month of few introductions but products like Rudbeakia, Zinnia, Canna and Non-Stop Begonia are all looking good.

This month is the start of the Autumn season so we bring back Pansies and Viola in Double Six Packs

We start expanding the Autumn range in September offering Bellis, Cineraria, Myosotis and Dianthus Ideal.

Primrose Husky, Polyanthus and Primula Wanda become ready for sale around now.

No new lines in November just a continuation of sale from the previous months.

One line for the Christmas market is Hyacinths potted in bowls of 4, 5 or 6.


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